Vision & Mission

To improve consumer’s E-commerce Journey so Smooth, they couldn’t imagine going back to the old way.”

Why FarziEngineer in 4 Points

  • Having worked with top D2C players in India & word wide, we understand the customers and their buying behaviour. Using this knowledge we can help you design a better UX.
  • Beyond Conversion Optimisation, we can provide a solid technical backing and help you solve all your challenges related to scaling, vendor selection and integrations
  • We are already aware of all other players in the market and their offerings and can leverage that knowledge to make Client’s offering better than others
  • We offer end to end UX enhancements for ecommerce website without changing alot in UI. Previously we have improved 30% more ATC and 20% more checkout initiated by doing this.

Empowering Ecommerce with Technology

We help leading D2C brands to overcome their Ecommerce challenge

Let our customers talk
on behalf of FarziEngineer

We hired Farzi engineers when we were struggling to scale at Mamaearth because website was not able to handle the traffic. Ashutosh & Gaurav first came in as consultants and stabilize our previous website so that we can run business smoothly on older stack. Within 3 months, they launched a new website which has the capability to handle at 10x traffic of previous one and with a lot more features. Soon after optimization, we were able to increase our conversion rates and hence our CAC starting going down. Running business had become much smoother and efficient. I would like to recommend Farzi engineers to growing D2C brands and look forward to working with them in future projects. Keep up the good work.

Abhishek Gupta
VP of Growth

We came into contact with FarziEngineer for my website They are Highly professional, very well clued-in to the latest trends in websites, and a pleasure to do business with.

Vandana Hari
CEO VandaInsights, Singapore

The FarziEngineer team successfully launched the website and it has already helped the company recruit businesses and individuals to sign up on the platform. The company was most impressed with the team’s adaptability as they happily worked on any changes that the company requested.

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Rikan Patel
Director of Business Development, B2B UK

Within a week of their engagement, the client has seen an improvement in their data transfer speed. FarziEngineer delivers quick and effective solutions and recommendations for the client’s needs. Their collaborative approach and quick response time have set them up for a long-term partnership.

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Gaurav Verma
Founder and Director @ Arve Digital

The client continues to receive positive feedback from its customers ever since the website was launched. FarziEngineer delivers seamless browsing and ordering for the end-users. Their team works together with clear roles for each member. They actively listen to the client’s feedback and advice.

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Anand Prakash
Founder & Creative Head, Anand Prakash