Get jobs that suits your skill HeyConvaly uses artificial intelligence to find the best jobs suited for your preferences. You get automatically matched to the jobs for which you have preference for and that massively reduces the time for hiring.

Hey Convely Case Study In the world of growing dependence on computer systems for almost all the tasks out there, HeyConvaly is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to find the best suitable job opportunities, chiefly the blue-collar jobs. It enables the users to search jobs on WhatsApp with the use of chatbots. The userbase […]

Mamaearth Case Study

One of the major consequences of these tireless efforts was that the page loading speed was reduced by almost 62.5%. On top of that, the conversion rate was approximately doubled. This entitled the app to handle nearly one and a half lakhs orders per day, thereby marking an end to the technical pitfalls that were faced initially.

Why does having your own online store make sense?

With the ever-evolving customer landscape and changing customer demands, convenience has become the center point of great user experience. Businesses today cannot rely solely on one sales channel to cater to all customer needs and even ensure convenience. They need to be omnipresent.[1] They need to have their own website or online store and tell

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