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FarziCommerce: a helping hand to Ikkai Beauty

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About Ikkai Beauty
The increasing consciousness among the individuals in terms of self-care and skin routine marked the entry of Ikkai Beauty, a prominent venture of Lotus Herbals into the market. Focused on providing a tremendous range of beauty and skincare products, Ikkai Beauty became a popular name in a very short span of time. The brand aims to spread happiness by imparting deliciously happy beauty products. They are sure to add fun and joy to the everyday routine of the consumers. The most remarkable aspect about their products is that they are completely organic, safe to use, and the brand claims to never use their products on animals for the purpose of testing.

Sometimes, however, just the marketing does not fetch the desired results. Similar was the set of circumstances with them. Ikkai Beauty was functioning on a certain platform in the online mode but that came with a bundle of technical glitches which in turn were proving to be catastrophic for their business. It was observed that the bounce rate, as well as the page loading time, was quite high. This led to a decline in the conversion rate and the number of orders received decreased significantly. Very soon, this became a matter of grave concern for the individuals who ran the company.

Tackling the issues
As an outcome of the robust rapport between FarziEngineer and Lotus Herbals, the former was sought to help in order to revive and rejuvenate Ikkai Beauty. Since some of the other brands of Lotus Herbals were already fetching great results while functioning on FarziCommerce, it was decided that Ikkai Beauty should migrate to the same platform too. The pivotal aim behind this move was to elevate the conversion rate. Soon, much to the expectations, the conversion rate boosted up by more than a hundred percent. Apart from this, the page load time was brought down to less than 3 seconds. On top of this, a visible decrease in the bounce rate was also witnessed.

Advantages of FarziCommerce
One of the major benefits about FarziCommerce that are well acknowledged by the clients is that it is available at a more competitive price as compared to that of Shopify as it comes with a cost that is half of the expense involved with the Shopify+ platform. Additionally, all kinds of coupons and methods can be run on this particular platform. Apart from this, the brand can also avail the benefit of thirty to fifty plug-ins that are provided entirely free of cost. 

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