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DevOps – the new revolution

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⦁ What do we mean by DevOps?

a. DevOps is neither a tool nor a methodology but an idea to make software development more efficient and effective. It’s a combination of software development and operations.

b. Earlier, in the traditional way of SDLC, development team and IT operations team used to work separately. DevOps is a great idea of getting both the teams together and give the most effective results. It is in association with Agile mindset.

⦁ Why are companies opting DevOps?

Devops is in demand by many organizations as it is giving quicker and reliable deployment of codes and lesser interruption while deployment. It acts a a bridge between software building and operations required to support it.

Hence, Farziengineer is providing devops web services for your business where we not only increase the efficiency of the organisation but also produce better results which helps in accelerating your business growth.

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