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GCP and AWS – the cloud world

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What are the pros of selecting AWS web services ?

• AWS offers easy deployment process for an app

• You should opt for AWS when you have DevOps teams who can configure and manage the infrastructure

• You have very little time to spend on the deployment of a new version of your web or mobile app.

• AWS web service is an ideal option when your project needs high computing power

• Helps you to improve the productivity of the application development team

What are the pros of selecting Google cloud services ?

• Offers higher productivity gained through Quick Access to innovation

• Employees can work from Anywhere

• Future-Proof infrastructure

• It provides a serverless environment which allows you to connect cloud services with a large focus mainly on the microservices architecture

What are the important features of AWS ?

• Total Cost of Ownership is very low compared to any dedicated servers.

• Offers Centralized Billing and management

• Offers Hybrid Capabilities

• Allows you to deploy your application in multiple regions around the world with just a few clicks

What are the important features of Google Cloud ?

• Constantly including more Language & OS

• A better UI helps you to improves user experience

• Offers an on-demand self-service

• Broad network access

• Resource pooling and Rapid elasticity

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