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HeyConvely Case Study

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Hey Convely Case Study

In the world of growing dependence on computer systems for almost all the tasks out there, HeyConvaly is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to find the best suitable job opportunities, chiefly the blue-collar jobs. It enables the users to search jobs on WhatsApp with the use of chatbots. The userbase of HeyConvaly is categorized as:-

  • Consumers (Jobseekers).
  • Admin
  • Job provider.

In times as now when the uncertainty in life has increased way too much, the objective of HeyConvaly is to suggest jobs to job seekers. It is done by mapping the skills of the candidates based on their resumes and then using them to discover a job profile that might not have been considered by them before. In a way, it gives a fresh perspective to the candidates that they can give a thought to even such job roles that they hadn’t fulfilled previously. 

Collaboration with FarziEngineer

On taking over the functioning of HeyConvaly, team FarziEngineer trained the resume part on a huge dataset. They matched the keywords by making the use of negative correlation. The use of extensive machine learning techniques resulted in the boosted efficiency of the chatbot. 

Apart from this, there are two more features that have been added to enhance the user experience:-

  • CV Scorer

This feature has been added to enable the users to score their resume and will also give them an idea as to how well their resume will make an impression on potential employers.

  • Skill Assessment Test

Knowing the transferable skills that one possesses is a great catalyst in landing a job. This allows job seekers to explore opportunities in new and exciting sectors. In this way, one gets to know about their strengths as well as weaknesses.

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