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10 Popular Promotions for Your Ecommerce Store

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“ An overload of information can confuse any marketing team. The same’s the case with e-commerce promotions. “

panic during marketing promotions

The internet has several strategies that claim to augment your sales. But, to achieve quantifiable results, you need to choose the simple, popular, and reliable ones.

At this time, the global online shopper conversion rate is 2.17%. So, consider this statistic as your benchmark for promotional activities. 

To further help you with this, here are  The 10 popular promotions for your ecommerce store. These tactics are reliable and proven ways for hassle-free implementation.

1. Leverage free shipping

free shipping promotion for your ecommerce store


Over 70% of consumers feel that free shipping impacts their decision to purchase products. With each passing day, this percentage is bound to increase.


Well, e-commerce stores have the USP of selling products less expensive than the market cost. As such, if you add free shipping, the cost might increase, leading to the disinterest of the customer. This will result in the consumer exploring other sites or physical stores to purchase such a product.

In addition, consumers will feel more secure if they can return a product without losing money on shipping costs. So, an online store that offers free shipping will be in a better position to promote its products.image6

 So when the question is “Free Shipping” or “Paid Shipping” – You know now what to do.

2. Offer discounts

discount promotion for your ecommerce store


Another X-factor of shopping online is enticing discounts. Your customers love to strike the best deals and bargains periodically. This is why they keep preferring e-commerce shopping.

So, decide on attractive discounts that strike the following balance:

  • Boost your sales
  • Don’t impact your profit margins
  • Intrigue customersimage3

This type of promotion helps boost your sales. However, don’t offer discounts too often to establish reliability, keep customers interested, and smartly sell products.

3. Prevent cart abandonment

Preventing cart abandonment


Globally, the online shopping cart abandonment rate is 85.2%. Almost 85% of visitors add a product to their cart but do not complete the buying process.

So, using smart automation, pop-ups, targeted emails, and active messages will reduce this rate and your sales numbers will improve drastically.

This promotion type is an indirect way to market your e-commerce store. This works because guided messages during the buying process keep buyers interested. So, the chances of such online shoppers visiting your site improve.

4. Running flash sales

flash sale promotion


Excitement. This is one word that can redefine your e-commerce promotions. Flash sales are undoubtedly one of the best strategies to induce excitement.  

So, try and offer customers mega discounts, exclusive product launches, or item bundles. Additionally, remember, flash sales are time-bound. So, you need to create captivating content and encourage buyers to purchase immediately.

This promotion tactic is helpful to sell existing inventory and increase popularity amongst your target audience.

5. Using limited-time coupon offers

limited offers promo


Online shoppers love coupons. Recently, consumers have redeemed over 31 billion digital coupons. So, how can you use this tip to promote your e-commerce business?

A great way to capitalize on this promotional activity is by offering time-bound coupons. Run this event as a standalone marketing tactic for a set duration. You can also entice visitors to engage with your business and offer the following options:

  • User Registration
  • Email list
  • Newsletter subscription

This will help engage more people with your e-commerce website and will also improve your conversion rate.


6. Offer BOGO and product bundles

bogo offers and product bundles promo


The ever-popular ‘buy one get one free’ (BOGO) promotion is still relevant. Since the previous decade, over 90% of shoppers have preferred BOGO.   

You can use this same sentiment to boost your e-commerce sales.

If you don’t want to offer another product for free, there is one alternative. Suggest multiple related products with a low combined cost.

For this purpose, you can use AI to predict consumer preferences. This personalized recommendation of combo products can promote several products on your site. 

7. Social media integration

Social media integration with your ecommerce store


Here are the benefits of using social media to promote your e-commerce presence:

  • Boosting online sales
  • Attracting shoppers
  • Building brand awareness

But you need to have an active social media presence to use this tactic. So, use sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to post updates.

Next, integrate these accounts into your e-commerce platform. This way, visitors can easily toggle between your sales site and social media page.

8. Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization


staggering 40% of online shoppers search for their desired product through this mode. So, it would help if you use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to promote your e-commerce business.

Being hugely extensive, SEO contains several elements. But, to simplify your activities, here are parameters that you need to consider:

  • On-page content: Product descriptions, titles, blogs
  • Metadata: Tags, descriptions
  • Images: Fast-loading pictures of productsimage4

This way, your e-commerce store has a better chance of appearing on Google results. Hence, promotion becomes a byproduct of good SEO activity.

9. Using live chat or chatbots

Live chats and bots - promotions for your ecommerce store


To run this promotion, you need to leverage technology, especially AI. Chatbots and smart replies keep visitors notified at each stage. As a result, you can suggest relevant products, offer discounts, and communicate with such shoppers.

This tactic has the potential to convert visitors into buyers. So, automate your e-commerce site with live support or a chatbot.

Remember, the choice depends on your budget and resources.

10. Loyalty program

loyalty programs - promotions for your ecommerce store

E-commerce promotions are all about rewards and connecting with your target audience. With a rise in online competition, it is vital to building a solid base of loyal shoppers.

So, a smart promotional tactic is to develop a reliable and rewarding loyalty program. Here are some tips:

  • Loyalty points
  • Premium membership access
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Gift coupons
  • Birthday discount

All of this can help you run an effective loyalty program and attract more consumers. But remember that your website should highlight the benefits of opting for the program.

Wrapping upimage7

Promoting an e-commerce store can seem extensive. You have tons of suggestions and tactics to implement. Still, the ten types of promotional activities are straightforward to implement.

Notably, most of them have proven metrics that will motivate you to consider the strategies. Remember, the blend of technology and captivating content is crucial to promoting your e-commerce store. Also, ensure that you understand customer demands and personalize the shopping experience. 

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