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Success Story of AnandPrakashFrom retail to eCommerce in 6 months with FarziEngineer

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Anand Prakash’s E-commerce Journey: From retail to eCommerce

One of the successful alliances of FarziEngineer is with a prominent and celebrated brand Anand Prakash which is the testimony of the refined vision of its founder, Anand Prakash. The objective of the firm is to craft and create artistic and unique paragons of art that are available in the form of collectible items and they also qualify as perfect gifting ideas. Each and every product that is brought into existence at Anand Prakash is found to be artisanal, distinctive, exquisite, and especially, inspired by India.

Here are the key achievements of FarziEngineer’s work with Anandprakash :

  • Enhanced User Experience: FarziEngineer’s innovative design solutions transformed user interactions into seamless experiences.
  • Accelerated Website Performance: Anand Prakash achieved lightning-fast loading times and improved website efficiency.
  • Enhanced Conversions through Optimized Design: FarziEngineer’s strategies boosted conversion rates, driving tangible increases in sales.
  • Stability and Reliability: Anand Prakash’s website remained stable and reliable, even during surges in traffic and demand.

Key Achievements Anand Prakash X Farziengineer

The Genesis of Anandprakash:

Digging deep into the history, one gets to know that the brand is an outcome of Mr. Anand Prakash’s avid interest in arts and crafts. The man himself acknowledges that he always nurtured a desire to create something scintillating, admirable, intriguing, and at the same time meaningful. The business was initially started by working on paper. In the late nineties, little demand for handcrafted paper posed several challenges but our entrepreneur was not ready to give up. 

In this way, Mr. Anand Prakash began writing the annals of the destiny of his business himself. Soon after, some of the stores in Delhi agreed to stock the label offered by him. Once the business picked pace, there was no turning back. After gaining experience from international traveling, exhibitions, and building robust rapports with famous manufacturers and vendors throughout the world,  Mr. Anand began exporting his products to various countries like the USA, UK, Germany, France, and Singapore. It was finally in the year 2003 that the brand came into existence and got the name ‘Anand Prakash.’ 

With the booming technology, they created an R&D department of their own and also fabricated a website for showcasing their products online. They succeeded in making a reputed place in the market for corporate gifting and by the year 2019, they were working for some premium corporate brands like Deloitte, Cognizant, THe Hindu, British Council, etc. The customized gifts with a touch of aesthetics accompanied with the ease of carrying them abroad made the brand exceptionally popular in the corporate gifting segment. 

The recent lockdown, however, proved to be a major setback for the business of Anand Prakash. Due to the offices being shut down temporarily, the corporate gifting market went into a stalemate. No doubt, this had some severe effect on the sales of Anand Prakash and they sought to transform their offline brand into an online one. This is exactly where the team of FarziEngineer walked in. The latter not only helped them in building an online store but also created an end-to-end website for their eCommerce, starting from scratch. 


The support of FarziEngineer helped in the fabrication of an eCommerce website and not just this, easy collaboration with the delivery partner and designing of the website was also taken care of efficiently. The outcome of this venture amazed everyone a great deal. Starting from the bare minimum, the website now handles significant orders on a daily basis. The founder himself acknowledges that now they are able to reach even those customers who were unfortunately not a part of their offline business landscape.

He says that it comes as a huge surprise that with the functioning of the eCommerce website, they are able to serve the consumers based in remote areas across the Indian map just by sitting in the national capital, Delhi.

The efforts put in by the Team of FarziEngineer in guiding the brand at each and every step are evident and are bearing such fruitful repercussions. They played a crucial role in almost every aspect of handling the eCommerce business. From the building of a smooth website to strategies needed for alluring consumers and to the post-purchase tasks, FarziEngineer and Anand Prakash walked an extra mile together. Also, they haven’t stopped yet. The future looks bright and is full of endless opportunities and refinement. They now aim to work on the website so that it is able to handle at least a thousand orders on a daily basis. 

Continuous Innovation and Evolution:

The journey, however, does not end here. Anand Prakash and FarziEngineer remain committed to the pursuit of excellence, relentlessly pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity. Their partnership extends beyond the realms of e-commerce, encompassing a shared vision of growth, resilience, and adaptability. Today, even after 3 years we still collaborate on minor tweaks for the website and the robustness of the website is a testament to our quality development.

A Testament to Enduring Partnerships:

As they chart the course towards a future defined by growth and refinement, the collaboration between Anand Prakash and FarziEngineer stands as a beacon of entrepreneurial spirit and resilience. Despite the passage of time, their bond remains unshakeable, a testament to the enduring power of partnership in an ever-evolving digital landscape.


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