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How Is FarziEngineer Helping Ecommerce Grow With Tech?

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Selling and buying goods online has become an integral part of modern life. Ecommerce grows at a staggering rate of 19.24% in the Indian market.

It is vital to choose an expert tech company to thrive in the promising e-commerce sector as an online business. Companies like FarziEngineer provide digital support like an alluring UX, conversion optimization, website enhancements, and lots more.

Hence, you are always equipped with the best technology for eCommerce growth. E-commerce stores at any level can flourish with the proper support.

Here’s a look at how team FarziEngineer suggests and implements up-to-date technology to upgrade new and existing businesses.


Tech Helps Overcome Ecommerce Challenges

If you own an e-commerce business, it’s possible to be aware of specific practical challenges. Still, to summarize, here is a list of common e-commerce problems.

  • Cyber security breaches
  • Inability to attract customers
  • Unappealing UX
  • Inability to retain customers
  • Challenge of conversion rates
  • Time-consuming competitor analysis
  • A fragile technology foundation

Companies like FarziEngineer specialize in solving the common question — how to make ecommerce best with tech?

By establishing a solid tech platform, you can solve the above challenges without hassle. Team FarziEngineer implements tailor-made tech solutions to overcome these issues.


Solutions That Improve Your Ecommerce Structure

The right technology can work wonders to attract more customers. Here’s what FarziEngineer provides e-commerce clients.



The best tech company for ecommerce has a well-defined and technically sound solution. FarziCommerce is a unique operating system for e-commerce.

This interface helps D2C brands launch a steady, fluent, and attractive web store. FarziCommerce provides remarkable features.

  • Fast loading speed
  • Provable conversion rate
  • Smartphone-friendly design
  • Quick migration
  • PWA technology
  • Robust CMS panel

Overall, FarziEngineer designs the perfect e-commerce architecture with a full-proof online management platform.


Personalized UX

The best technology for e-commerce includes a user interface that keeps customers intrigued.

Team FarziEngineer has technically sound professionals and designers that bring brand voice alive through UX.

80% of online shoppers buy from an e-commerce store that offers a personalized experience. FarziEngineer can help a business get such vital customer attention with the right tech parameters.  

Through end UX enhancements, enticing UI design, and SEO-optimized site, FarziEngineer has already improved the ATC rate by 30%.


Easy Brand Integrations

The best tech company for e-commerce suggests solutions that are practical and result-oriented. 

FarziEngineer uses technology to integrate the following types of services with your e-commerce store.

  • Delivery partners
  • Logistics
  • Engagement platforms
  • OMS/OMNI partners
  • Safe payment portals
  • Miscellaneous integrations

As an e-commerce business, you can team up with brands like Google, PayPal, SAP, MailChimp, FedEx, etc. 

Easy integration through technology is possible by partnering with companies like FarziEngineer.


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

You can optimize an e-commerce website using CRO. Such a tool allows business owners to understand how shoppers use their platform.

Consequently, e-commerce store owners can make changes to increase conversion rates. Team FarziEngineer brainstorms and understands your business.

Based on thorough research, the team uses their CRO service to improve the conversion rate of around 35% in a small time-frame of 180 days.


Auditing And Tech Solutions

Every e-commerce business is unique. You need to analyze customer base, shipping rates, user interaction, and many relevant aspects.

Team FarziEngineer assists new and existing e-commerce businesses through an in-depth tech audit.

This audit includes potential improvements and suggestions to use tools as follows.

  • Chatbots
  • Secure payment gateways
  • Artificial intelligence
  • D2C e-commerce solutions
  • Personalized shopping UX

Hence, by using the best technology for e-commerce, team FarziEngineer can change the persona of an online business.


Design That Sells

Website optimization is vital to acquiring and retaining customers. With the average online attention span falling to eight seconds, marketing has become a tough job.

Team FarziEngineer understands how design, imagery, and attractive product display pages retain shoppers.

Hence, they solve the dilemma of how to make e-commerce best with tech. The technicians design an e-commerce store that ticks all the right boxes.


The Journey Of Anand Prakash – A Stellar Example

FarziEngineer teamed up with the prominent online art store, Anand Prakash. The team transformed Anand Prakash’s offline store from scratch into an online e-commerce platform.

Interestingly, FarziEngineer used the best technology for e-commerce and created an enticing end-to-end website. The team developed UX design, assisted with post-purchase tasks and helped the brand collaborate with a reliable delivery partner.

Today, Anand Prakash has extended its reach to remote areas in the country, thanks to FarziEngineer’s tech solutions.

To date, FarziEngineer has helped several well-known brands like Dr. Vaidya’s, Mamaearth, VandaInsights, and many more with their e-commerce tech services.


With a direct impact on conversion rates and add-to-cart parameters, FarziEngineer can induce a positive effect.

The role of technology in e-commerce has taken center stage. Hence, web store owners need to avail services of companies that offer the best technology for ecommerce.  

Overall, with proven results and an extensive partner base, you can contact team FarziEngineer to implement lucrative tech solutions.

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